Rx Jump Ropes

Rx Smart Gear is the maker of the Rx Jump Rope. Rx Jump Ropes have been the industry standard for functional fitness over the last ten years. Rx Jump Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete's height and offers different cable variations to support multiple tempo and resistance levels.

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  • Matte Black EVO G2 Speed Rope

    EVO G2 Speed Rope proves you can take perfection and make it even a little better. Strategic refinem…

  • EVO GO, the most high-performance speed rope on the market!

    There is a very limited supply of the Earth Day EVO GO. Make sure you get one before they are all go…

  • Drag Rope Black

    The Rx Drag rope brings us back to the old school days when jumping rope was really jumping rope. It…

  • Balboa RX Jump Rope

    The Balboa comes with leopard print handles and a neon pink cable.  Includes a Rx rope bag. Rx…

  • Birdrock Popular Combo

    The Birdrock comes with tickle me pink handles and a teal cable.  Includes a Rx rope bag. Rx J…

  • Cardiff Popular Combo

    The Cardiff comes with gauntlet gray handles combined with our trans teal cable.  Includes…

  • Coronado

    The Coronado comes with sniper handles and a black cable.  Includes a Rx rope bag. Rx Jump Rop…

  • Encinitas

    The Encinitas comes with black ops handles with a red cable.  Includes a Rx rope bag. Rx Jump …

  • La Jolla

    The La Jolla is a sleek combo of our black ops handle and a black cable.  Includes a Rx rope ba…

  • Miramar Popular Combo

    The Miramar comes with Dubs Commando combined with our Solid Black Cable.  Includes a…

  • #luvyourdubs  PINK EVO Speed Rope - The worlds most technically advanced jump rope.

    The highly sought after Extreme Velocity Optimized (EVO) Speed Rope, is now offered in a limited edi…

20 of 42 Items