USA Judo Announces Rx Smart Gear As Official Partner

USA Judo Announces Rx Smart Gear As Official Partner

USA Judo is proud to announce RX Smart Gear as its exclusive jump rope sponsor.

RX Smart Gear makes cable jump ropes for the high intensity training and fitness enthusiast. The USA Judo branded jump rope comes in four sizes and offers ergonomic handles wrapped in water proof traction grip, high speed bearings, and fixed length aircraft grade pvc coated cable. The fixed lengths are strategically set to apply to a person's height to promote ideal positioning and mechanics.

The USA Judo Rx Jump Rope should be a main staple in any judokas training arsenal whether a fitness enthusiast, professional athlete or Olympic caliber competitor. The jump rope has proven to provide a wide array of fitness benefits ranging from improved cardio, increased muscular endurance, increased foot speed and hand coordination and improved agility.Not to mention that jumping rope is a tremendous alternative to running as it promotes healthier knees and joints by staying on the balls of your feet while also stimulating the upper body.

USA Judo members can now purchase a USA Judo branded RX Smart Gear jump rope here:

“USA Judo is excited to sign with RX Smart Gear as the official provider for jump ropes,” explained USA Judo CEO, Keith Bryant. “This partnership is a natural fit for an endurance and agility-based sport, like judo. We look forward to our relationship with RX Smart Gear and seeing USA Judo branded jump ropes in dojos across America.”

The USA Judo RX Smart Gear jump ropes will also be available to sample at USA Judo events at the RX Booth.

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