RapidFit 2.0 Jump Rope

The beginner’s rope. Because the Rapid Fit is instantly adjustable with the push of a button, it’s perfect for anyone still figuring out their ideal cable length.

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So, start with an extra few inches and adjust the rope as you tighten up your technique. Plus, enjoy the full-grip handles, which encourage a relaxed grip that saves your forearms for whatever exercise comes next.

Product specifications


Plastic handles with PVC coated wire cable. 2 high speed bearings.


Adjustable cable length


Beginner/Intermediate Functional fitness, double unders, Double under crossovers, HIIT, weight loss, and cardio.


Grippy Ergonomic Handles

Enjoy effortless spin from the high speed dual bearings while the 7” long tapered handles are just what you need to pull off those tricky crossover maneuvers

Patented Adjustable RapidFit System

Change the length at the push of a button in seconds

Durable Reinforced Design

New design upgrades to its internal stem assembly, provide increased durability and strength to withstand even the toughest workouts


Other Rx Jump Ropes


6” handle is 1.3 oz ballistic plastic. 3 cord options: 1" plastic beads, 3.4 oz fitness cable and a 4.5mm PVC cord.

6" ergonomic handles with tennis grip finish and custom wire cable.

6” handle is 1.3 oz ballistic plastic. Four cable weights from 7'10" - 9'4" 


3 Adjustable cables to a max length of 9'6"

10 color cables + variety of hues and patterns for the grips.

Black handles can be matched with a variety of cable colors and lengths.


Beginner/Advanced Freestyle, functional fitness, double unders, crossovers, HIIT, weight loss, and cardio

Beginner/Advanced Functional fitness, boxing, single unders, double unders, HIIT, weight loss, and cardio.

Intermediate/AdvancedFunctional fitness, double unders, triple unders, HIIT, speed training.

Included in the box


One set

One Cable



Carry case


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