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Rx Smart Gear is dedicated to producing creative and quality gear for participants of high intensity physical training. The solutions that Rx Smart Gear create are focused on functional fitness full body movements. Most of our solutions are simple, smart, and improve the athlete's ability to prolong training by eliminating unnecessary wear and tear on the body. They also provide intermediate progressions for complex gymnastic movements.


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Rope Climb WizardRope Climb Wizard
Rope Climb Wizard Sale price$55.00
RXSG Booty Bands Bundle Coach Erica Brandelius using the RXSG Booty Bands Bundle
Build Bands Sale price$35.00
Shin Guards 2.0Shin Guards 2.0
Shin Guards 2.0 Sale price$45.00
Rx Smart Gear Skills KitAthlete Sam Dancer using the Skills Kit
Skills Kit Sale price$95.00
Rip FixRip Fix
Rip Fix Sale price$14.00
Key WedgieKey Wedgie
Key Wedgie Sale price$10.00
Rx Goat TapeRx Goat Tape
Rx Goat Tape Sale price$11.00
Rx Smart Gear PatchesRx Smart Gear Patches
Patches Sale price$6.00
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RXSG Wrist SocksRXSG Wrist Socks worn by Athlete
RXSG ICON Wrist Bands Sale price$12.00
RXSG ICON Socks Sale price$12.00
Bags & CasesBags & Cases
Bags & Cases Sale priceFrom $10.00
Flow Rope TrainerRx Smart Gear Rotational Trainers
Flow Rope Trainer Sale price$27.00
Jump Cuff TrainersJump Cuff Trainers
Jump Cuff Trainers Sale price$30.00
Tempo TrainersTempo Trainers
Tempo Trainers Sale price$23.00
Bounding Target TrainerBounding Target Trainer
Bounding Target Trainer Sale price$18.00
Rx Smart Gear Air MatRx Smart Gear Air Mat used to improve jump rope jumping skills
AIR Jumping Mat Sale price$295.00
Sweat BandsSweat Bands
Sweat Bands Sale price$12.00
Blender BottleBlender Bottle
Blender Bottle Sale price$12.00
Target Jumping MatTarget Jumping Mat
Target Jumping Mat Sale price$50.00
Blue Haze TeeBlue Haze Tee
Blue Haze Tee Sale price$35.00
OG Flex TankOG Flex Tank
OG Flex Tank Sale price$35.00
RXSG Gym TowelRXSG Gym Towel
RXSG Gym Towel Sale price$12.00
Rx Rope Rack- Black 20
Rx Rope Rack- Black 20 Sale price$50.00
Split Ring Pliers
Split Ring Pliers Sale price$20.00