Movement is Medicine

Eric Hinman

Eric Hinman is a Denver-based hybrid athlete, 5x Ironman, serial entrepreneur, and brand builder. He specializes in scaling early-stage consumer and wellness brands, and working with various partners to help them grow. Eric relies on Rx Smart Gear products to support his intense training regimen, ensuring he stays in top condition for his athletic pursuits. He values the quality that RXSG provides, which aligns with his commitment to wellness and peak performance.

Eric's Top Picks

"I've had the great pleasure of meeting the wonderful people behind the Rx Smart Gear brand. They live and breathe wellness. I like knowing who I'm buying from and that they are power users of their own products. They've also cultivated an amazing community, showing up often at crossfit events, and bringing people together!"

Eric Hinman

"The Alex Smith Grips (I love that the grip easily folds into the wrist wrap when not using it). The wrist wrap is the most comfortable I've worn, and the grips, with chalk on them, stick to the bar great!"

Eric Hinman

"The EVO G2 speed rope is my go to for double unders. It's silky smooth, light, fast, and it makes double unders a breeze during a tough metcon."
"The drag rope is great for training, helping with rotator cuff strength to prep for when high volume double unders make their way into a taxing metcon."

Eric Hinman



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