Double Under Mini Class


Makes all the Difference

Using the appropriate gear in the beginning of your journey is key to building a solid foundation and enjoying a positive fitness experience.

If you are a beginner trying to gain consistency in your single and double unders this quick tutorial is for you.

Pick your basics

Start by choosing your rope both the RAPIDFIT and the FREVO are fully adjustable and come with the Buff 3.4 Cable.

Size your Rope

Sizing your Rope

When you get your rope you will measure your rope size by stepping one foot in the middle of a rope or measuring tape, making sure the end of the rope or tape does not extend beyond the bottom of your sternum.

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

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When you get the Rx Jump Ropes you'll quickly find out why they're my favorite jump ropes. From the unlimited customizations and cable weights of the CustomFit to the convenient adjustable features of the RapidFit, they're truly the best jump ropes around, and they're built to last!"

Evan Slaughter - RapidFit & CustomFit Ropes