LA Times Review: Best Overall Jump Rope

LA Times Review: Best Overall Jump Rope

LA Times Review: Best Overall Jump Rope

The jump rope is a pretty impressive piece of exercise equipment for how simple it is and to the inexperienced person it may seem as though a jump rope is merely just a a jump rope. However, this could not be further from the truth as there are many defining factors that make one jump rope better than another. These best jump ropes in 2021 have all been chosen as the best because of their impressive defining factors like quality manufacturing materials, bearing systems that keep them turning smoothly, and a few X factors like adjustability and innovative grips for better and more comfortable holds.

Top Picks for Best Jump Ropes


Rx Smart Gear Jump Rope


There is no other jump rope like the RX Jump Rope because it is completely customizable to your exact fitness needs. There's no need to mess around with adjusting the cord because you can order the perfect length for your height. This is also the only jump rope on the market that gives you an option of cable weight to perfectly match the jump rope’s intended use. Both the handles and the rope cover are customizable in tones of different colors and patterns to show the users style and really stand out. The handles don’t just look cool either as their spiraled texture are soft on the hands but offer the perfect amount of grip. The multi-directional axis bearing allows this rope to turn in any direction almost as if there were no rope there at all. With all of these great features one would think that RX Jump Rope has to skimp somewhere, but they really don’t; if there were a downside to this jump rope it would be the price, but it is well worth what you'll be paying for it.


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