Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Andrew joins Rx Smart Gear Entourage

By Ericka Arguedas - Marketing Director @ RXSG • Feb 25, 2024

Michael Andrew is an athletic phenom. Michael became well-known in his teens after breaking numerous National Age Group Records.

In his short career, the Kansas native has broken over 100 National Age Group (NAG) records. He also set Junior World Records in the 50m free, back, and fly events at the2017 World Junior Championships.At the age of 17, Andrew won gold in the 100 IM at the World Championships and in 2020 Tokyo, he won gold in the 4x100 relay event.


"We are so honored to announce that competitive swimmer and olympic gold medalist Michael Andrew, is joining our RXSG family. Michael, utilizes jump rope training extensively in his dry land preparation for quest for gold at the 2024 Olympics, in Paris."

As you’ll quickly realize, the more you learn about Michael, the easier it is to understand why he’s such a fit for the RXSG brand—and why we’re so stoked to officially welcome him to the entourage.


Michael, who was born in the United States to two excellence-driven parents, was blessed with height as well as hefty hands and feet. Former naval diver father Peter and former British Gladiator Tina were both born and raised in South Africa and see Michael's career as a family affair, along with Michael and sister Michaela. Their Lawrence, Kansas, home even has its own training facility in the backyard. Michael is trained by his father, Peter, in an 87′ x 16′ above ground pool with a deck around it, using the science-based methodology known as Ultra Short Race Pace Training, or USRPT.

What is the result of having great parents and superior training?

One word: “Greatness.”

Fast forward to his twenties, and Andrew earned an Olympic berth at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials at the age of 22. Despite his success, Andrew is always looking for ways to improve and push himself. This is why he was thrilled to join the Rx Smart Gear Team and incorporate jump rope training into his workout routine.