RX Smart Gear Partners With Fitgmr To Promote Health Gaming

RX Smart Gear Partners With Fitgmr To Promote Health Gaming

RX Smart Gear, a global leader in fitness equipment and training methodology is partnering with FITGMR, a performance and player development company in the esports and video game industry to support healthy gaming in high schools across the US. Student-gamers in high school esports programs learn leadership skills, teamwork and STEM skills.

These programs are also an opportunity to focus on whole student health, an important initiative in the 12 member states of the Interstate Scholastic Esports Alliance (ISEA). Healthy gaming encourages students to focus on their nutrition, physical and mental health, sleep, and time spent away from the keyboard. Together with FITGMR, RX Smart Gear will encourage healthy gaming habits through the FITGMR App and related activities, using the hashtag #jumpintoplay and reward student gamers with prizes based on team performance in and outside of gameplay.

The program includes promotion inside schools to reach students and highlight healthy habits, as well as social and digital media campaigns targeted toward parents.This program is being made available to the 50,000 student gamers in the member states of the Interstate Scholastic Esports Alliance, including Iowa,
Nebraska, New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.
“We are so excited to partner up with FITGMR to create a beautiful one two punch of healthy habits and active lifestyle for the Gaming and E Sport communities. It’s time to Elevate Your Fitness!” stated David Newman , Owner, RX Smart Gear.

“At FITGMR, we know jumping rope is an excellent way to keep the body moving and the brain operating at peak performance. For gamers traveling to matches or wanting to do a quick drill, having a high quality jump rope tucked in their travel bag or near their keyboard is an easy, and fun way to get the blood flowing! We have been working with pro players and RX jump ropes for more than 3 years and have seen the benefits. It is great to be able to introduce their training techniques and products to the esports scholastic space and the broader gaming community.”

About RXSG
Since our inception in 2009 RXSG has been dedicated to helping people live healthy, active lifestyles through our fitness products. Our flagship Jump Ropes have inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world to get up, get outside and get jumping. There is no greater fitness tool to improve cardio, build stamina, increase coordination, tone and strengthen muscles all while challenging your neuro-musclular adaptation.

FITGMR is a performance and player development company in the esports and gaming industry and has developed the first app specifically designed to meet the mental and physical demands of gamers and esports athletes. With the recent transition of the Cloud9 Training Grounds to FITGMR, the company can
provide holistic health tools, as well as a comprehensive training experience that includes personalized game training, competitive league play, coaching, and community engagement. FITGMR works in partnership with several scholastic organizations including the Interstate Scholastic Esports Alliance.

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