RXSG 10 A Day Challenge

RXSG 10 A Day Challenge

Join us as we begin our first ever RX 10 A Day Challenge!

Click here to join! 

The challenge begins February 1st and runs through March 2nd. When you join you get access to a private group that shares tips, special guest appearances, and a community that can motivate each other to keep jumping for 20 days! You'll also access to a discount code and special prizes. 

What is the Challenge and what is the goal? The 10 a Day Challenge is very simple:

On day 1 perform 10 perfect double unders (or single unders or single, single, double if scaling)

On day 2 perform 20 perfect double unders

On day 3 perform 30 perfect double unders..and so on

On day 30 perform 300 perfect double unders in sets of 10.

The focus is on quality over quantity. We want people to move with intention, striving for those perfect, beautiful reps. We've put the parameters that they must be performed in sets of 10 with intentional breaks every 10 reps, this is because often people get caught up in quantity over quality, and this forces you to slow down and drill in proper mechanics. Participants can scale down with singles or scale up using  heavy or Drag ropes or attempting triple unders. The private facebook group will offer training tips, drills, strategies as well as Facebook Live Events every Wednesday and Friday with special guests. 

100% of proceeds go towards the  Keala Foundation, a foundation that is near and dear to our hearts here at Rx Smart Gear. Their mission is to build healthy communities that support the youth of Hawaii, creating free and safe places where kids could remain accountable, belong and know they are loved. They believe (and so do we) that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment. To raise healthy children we need healthy communities. Through fundraising efforts such as these and the Hawaii Trail Run, the Keala Foundation offers free programs to children on the island, as well as providing transportation and meals to ensure children have access to a loving, supportive community. 

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