AIR Jumping Mat

Train your jump rope skills without punishing your joints.

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With its forgiving surface, our inflatable Air Mat is essential for athletes with knee pain, who otherwise have to scale down the number of reps — or forgo jumping rope entirely. It’s also ideal for members refining their technique. Because the cushion provides a slightly higher bounce, you can slow down your jump and focus on correct positioning, made all the more easier by a line where your toes go and a bulls-eye where your rope should just graze the ground. All mats come with a complementary repair kit.

*Mat Dimensions:  4' x 6' x 4"

*The Rx Air Mat should only be used as a jump rope training tool, and any other use is at the sole risk and responsibility of the purchaser. 


Rx Smart Gear Air Mat

Durable Materials

Made with 18 oz mildew resistant PVC. Triple stitched seams with nylon binding reinforcement.

Compact & Portable

The Rx Air Mat can go anywhere you want to jump and sets up in minutes.

Body & Joint Protection

Jumping on the Rx Air Mat provides a forgiving surface for body & joint pains. 

Durable Materials

Our double-walled fabric is a proprietary chemical blend using True Movement Technology for superior durability and bounce.

Waterproof PVC

Hand-glued with a strong curing additive to ensure air tightness. Waterproof PVC reinforced at the seams and handles to ensure protection from the sun and elements.

Product specifications


4' x 6' x 4"


Black and White


Functional fitness, gymnastics, HIIT, Boxing, etc...

Included in the box


One mat

Air Pump

One pump

Carry Case & Repair Kit

One of each


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