Gym Package- Kids Comprehensive

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Kids will be jumping to the moon and back over the new Kids ABC Gym pack. Coordination, agility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance are just a few of the benefits kids will gain from jumping rope. Not to mention hours upon hours of fun!

Rope Rack and Sizing Chart are included in this package at no additional charge.  

This package is over 35% off the normal retail price.

Kids CGP Includes:

  • Black handle with rope size listed on the handle logo tape
  • PVC Cord is softer when it whips and is more durable than the wire
  • 20 Rx Jump Ropes in the following sizes (Accommodates Athletes from 3'2"-4'10")
  • 4- 6'0" Red Rope
  • 6- 6'6" Yellow Rope
  • 6- 7'0" N. Green Rope
  • 4- 7'6" Blue Rope
  • Color coordinated Sizing Chart to hang on the wall
  • Rx Jump Rope Wall Rack


Rx Smart Gear Kids Ropes Pack


Industrial-grade multidirectional swivel axis bearing system


The ergonomically contoured handles are 6" long and 1" in diameter, allowing for the most natural and relaxed grip.


Four cable weight variations, that enable you to find just the right resistance amount to match your tempo and coordination level. Providing mix up training and force adaptation in your training.

Sizing chart

Guides members to their ideal rope length based on their height

Wall rack

A wall-mounted rope storage rack with a handle-up storage system which prolongs the life of the cable as well as prevents the ropes from tangling

Product specifications


6” ergonomic handles, wall rack and sizing chart.

  • FULL PACK: 20 CustomFits

4 x XS, 6 x S, 6 x M, 4 x L

  • HALF PACK: 10 CustomFits

2 x XS, 3 x S, 3 x M, 2 x L


Beginner Functional training, boxing, group classes, HIIT, weight loss and cardio


Other Rx Jump Ropes


6” ergonomic CustomFit handles, custom cables, wall rack and sizing chart.

6” ergonomic handles, wall rack and sizing chart.

6” ergonomic handles with adjustable PVC cord

  • FULL PACK: 20 CustomFits

2 in each size 7'10" to 9'4"

  • HALF PACK: 10 CustomFits

1 in each size 7'10" to 9'4"

  • FULL PACK: 20 Rx Jump Ropes (6 x S, 8 x M & 6 x L)

Adjustable cord


Beginners/Advanced Functional fitness, boxing, group classes, single unders, double unders, HIIT, weight loss and cardio

Intermediate/Advanced Functional fitness, boxing, group classes, strength training, HIIT, weight loss and cardio.

Beginners Functional fitness, boxing, HIIT, weight loss and cardio, kids

Included in the box


Set of 10 or 20 different size ropes

Storage Rack

Wall mounted rope storage rack

Sizing Chart

Wall mounted customer sizing chart


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