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- The Jump Cuffs, cure the most common fault athletes encounter when learning double unders, which is jumping with their hands too far from their bodies. The wide arm jumping position utilizes poor mechanics and leads to premature shoulder fatigue. Most importantly, the Jump Cuffs address the constant tripping that occurs when your arms widen and your rope shortens under your feet.

- The Jump Cuffs provide a simple, yet elegant solution to this age-old problem by restricting the distance the jumper’s hands can spread apart. By adjusting the Jump Cuffs length so that hands hang in a natural position under the shoulders, the jumper is forced to re-learn proper positioning. Pressing the elastic band of the Jump Cuffs against the hips reinforces ideal hand location with a tactile cue.

- The Jump Cuffs eliminates the outdated technique of wrapping resistance bands around the athlete’s arms to hold them near the body. The resistance band technique holds the arms in an incorrect position and causes a domino effect of movement and position faults.

- Get a Grip on Your Form with the Jump Cuffs.

- One Size fits all.

- Adjusts from 12 inches to 32 inches stretched

- Made in the USA

* CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING - Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information:



Rx Tempo Trainers

develop impeccable tempo and timing while simulating double unders

Rx Jump Cuffs

Will help you get a grip on your form

Rx Bounding target

Neutralize the spine and stabilize the core while maintaining full extension throughout the body

Rx Rotational Trainers

simulate the turning of a jump rope without the worry of tripping or catching the rope on their feet

Product specifications


Aluminum, rubber and webbing


One Size


Jump rope technique trainer

Included in the box

Skills Kit

Jump Cuffs, Bounding Target, Tempo Trainers, Flow Rope Trainers and a carry case.