Rx Smart Gear Becomes Official Sponsor of The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends Podcast

Rx Smart Gear Becomes Official Sponsor of The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends Podcast

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio- The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends Podcast announces RX Smart Gear as their title sponsor.

What is The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends Podcast?

At the end of 2019, Scott Switzer was looking to do something that would light a fire under him after feeling unfulfilled in his current career. Scott loved CrossFit, it was what helped him lose over 200lbs and find that inner athlete again. In addition, he loved talking about CrossFit. Scott decided to start a podcast called The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends Podcast.

Scott reached out to his friends, Amy Rudawsky and Charlie Otey and asked them if they wanted to do a podcast. At first, it was just sitting around a table talking about the events of the day or something they watched on YouTube and recording it and putting it out on a podcast platform.

Scott worked as a volunteer at many events over the years and thought, why not use some of those connections to have guests on, from in and around the CrossFit world. They started with Saxon Panchik, Ben Smith and Kristi O’Connell. Scott went to the Mayhem Classic where he made more connection and met their first human interest story subject, Cat Scherer. As things progressed, the podcast began to grow and the need for another co-host arose. That precipitated Cat joining the cast on a permanent basis.

As news broke at CrossFit HQ that there may be a change in leadership, the podcast began doing news only shows, called roundtables where the cast would discuss the week’s events. These shows proved to be popular and became a weekly episode shortly after. At that moment, the podcast began doing two episodes a week. A “Celebrity” Interview on Mondays and a weekly roundtable discussion on Wednesdays. Where that format continues to this day.

The Cast is:

Scott Switzer - Scott grew up playing a sport in every season, Football, Baseball, Track and excelled in swimming. After retiring from sports he stayed active for a while but, when life became about working and supporting a family fitness took a back seat and Scott became morbidly obese tipping the scales at over 500 lbs.

Scott hitting a breaking point when his health became an issue and unbeknownst to him the person he reached out to for help was a CrossFit coach and his next door neighbor. Together they worked to help Scott lose around 250lbs. Scott is still fighting through the weight loss battle and want to share that journey on this podcast.

Scott has a beautiful wife Julie and an amazing daughter Corrin. He is also a CrossFit L-1, does his gym's podcast and has volunteered at several CrossFit events around the country and was a judge at the 2018 Central Regionals fulfilling a lifelong goal.

Amy Rudawsky - Amy’s childhood and young adult life was filled with movement and play. Spending hours playing outside, riding bikes, building mud pies and climbing trees. Team sports included softball and volleyball. Priorities changed as she became a college graduate, then wife, then mother. Pushing her children's needs above everything. Her journey back to finding that athlete again led to her changed perspective on health and fitness. She started valuing herself and her needs and became a better mother, wife, friend and teacher. During her journey she found running and began training for half- and full marathons. Looking for more of a challenge she was introduced to CrossFit by our host Scott Switzer in 2013 and never looked back.

Amy is currently a Level 2 CrossFit coach as well as the Youth Fitness Director, coaching about 7 adult/youth classes per week at the box where she trains (SHRED CrossFit). Amy loves fueling her competitive drive through individual and team competitions. Her favorite thing about coaching is bringing energy, joy and pushing others to achieve their fitness goals. Oh...and the music. She loves to dance during an EMOM.

When Amy is not at the gym coaching or training she works as a Co-Director and teacher at a local preschool in Columbus Ohio, She is passionate about speaking and advocating for play and the rights of children. She has returned to her roots and is able to incorporate movement and play into her personal and professional life. Spending most days outside and building mud pies again.

Amy lives in Powell, OH with her Husband Scott (of 20 years), son Nate, daughter Natalie and dog Murph.

Charlie Otey - Father of 5 amazing kids, Tyler, Kayla, Cameron, Jackson and Addy. He is married to the love of his life Lisa and they live in the suburb of Dublin outside of Columbus, Ohio. Charlie works in sales for the local ABC and FOX affiliates.

He is an amazing body weight CrossFitter and very strong for his diminutive size. Charlie is currently working on his abs with Kari Pearce and his mobility with the GoWOD app and is pleased to let you know he is now a tiny bit more flexible than a steel rod. Charlie's favorite CrossFit movement is the Overhead Squat and doing them while on his toes. Charlie hopes to qualify for the AGOQ for Master's with eventually making the Crossfit Games.

Cat Scherer - Cat is a former ballerina turned CrossFit enthusiast since 2013.

Now a Level 3 trainer and affiliate owner, Cat owns and operates her garage gym, Catalyst Fitness which was established in 2018 after she “retired” from corporate life. She is also a Nutrition Coach for Move The Needle. Cat’s coaching philosophy is people-focused. By constantly making human connections, she loves seeing athletes surpass their goals, have fun and feel like they are well cared for along the way.

Cat has been a volunteer judge at the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Championship, The Rogue Invitational, Granite Games, Mayhem Classic and the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Cat’s a self-proclaimed lifetime learner, dog lover and ice cream. She competes in local CrossFit competitions, loves a heavy barbell and despises running. Home is Hockessin, Delaware where Cat lives with her husband Chris, teenagers Braedon and Elliana, and her 3 dogs, Dash, Bumper and JoJo.

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