Rx Drag Jump Rope: Taking the Wodapalooza 2023 Games by Storm

Rx Drag Jump Rope: Taking the Wodapalooza 2023 Games by Storm
The RX Drag Jump Rope is a game-changer in the world of fitness and Cross Training, it was a huge success at the Wodapalooza 2023 Games with its unique design and high-performance capabilities.

The RX Smart Gear Drag Rope is our unique and challenging training tool that was designed to expose and test an athlete's fitness levels. Contrary to conventional speed ropes, the Drag Rope is constructed of a specially woven polyester rope without swivels or bearings, making it heavy, slow, and challenging to use.

Dani Speegle at the Wodapalooza Games 2023, a world-renowned CrossFit competition that brings together some of the best athletes from around the globe. The competitors were tasked with 150 Drag Rope double unders as part of the "Double Shot with a Splash" workout.

According to our designer Dave Newman, the Drag Rope is the "anti-speed rope" and was created to feel exactly opposite of what a speed rope feels like. The purpose of the Drag Rope is to expose the user's inefficiencies and test their fitness. The experience of using the Drag Rope can be frustrating for accomplished athletes who are used to the ease of a speed rope, as the Drag Rope requires a different technique and a higher level of skill to use effectively.

The Drag Rope's effectiveness as a training tool is due to the requirement for constant resistance. The athlete is compelled to work more and get fitter because they cannot escape the resistance. The Drag Rope is still rigorous and challenging even at high skill levels, the athlete will discover as they become more proficient and at ease with it.

The Drag Rope allows the athlete to train at high intensities, which is a great tool for enhancing power and explosiveness.

Additionally, it can be utilized to increase cardiovascular fitness since dragging the rope for an extended amount of time can aid with endurance and stamina.

The Drag Rope is a challenging and punishing training equipment that is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are ready to put in the effort, it can be a very useful tool for enhancing performance and fitness. It can be used in a variety of locations, including a gym, field, or track, and is appropriate for athletes of all skill levels. Its durability and easy maintenance make it a convenient and practical piece of gear.

"The Drag Rope is going to take your training to the next level. There is nothing harder than the drag rope in my opinion. It's gonna destroy your shoulders. It's going to destroy your grip. It's going to humble you, because you're only going to be able to do 15 double unders at a time and that's good. So, try the drag rope, you won't regret it."

Sola Sigurdardottir - CROSSFIT GAMES ATHLETE

The RX Smart Gear Drag Rope was created as a special and difficult training gear to reveal and evaluate an athlete's fitness levels.

It works well to increase power, explosiveness, and cardiovascular fitness because of its constant resistance and heavy, sluggish, and demanding character. It is not an easy tool to use but it is an effective one, and the results will speak for themselves. The Drag Rope is a tool that will be beneficial for athletes looking to take their fitness and performance to the next level


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