Custom Logo Tape for Gym Package

Sale price$45.00

Custom Logo on handles

(see below for guidelines, takes 2 extra business days to fulfill)

For an additional charge to cover the graphic & printing charges Rx Smart Gear will co-brand your gym’s logo onto the handle along side our Rx logo. This is a feature that we exclusively offer to Gym Owners. This way, the gym owner will always be able to identify the Gym’s house ropes from a privately owned Rx Jump Rope as well as create a professional presentation to any new member walking through the door. All you have to do is just upload your gym’s logo (See below details on submitting your logo) and we will take care of the rest.

Guidelines for submitting your logo:


  1. All artwork (Logos) must be optimized for a black background as our logo tapes are printed on to black tape. Lighter colored logos work best.
  2. Your artwork will be placed in a rectangular space approximately 2 inches wide by 7/16 of an inch tall. Please make sure your artwork is designed to be horizontal and fits in the green box below. Your artwork does not need to fill the whole space, as we will repeat the design/pattern to fill the space as needed.
  3. Your artwork must be submitted in either an .jpg, .gif, .jpeg or .png file format. This allows us to open and view the artwork exactly as you wish it to be seen without having the necessary fonts installed on our machines. 
  4. If your artwork meets the minimum guidelines above, you can submit your artwork by using the "Choose File" button on the top right of the gym package page.