EVO Jump Rope Traction Bands

Personalize your EVO or EVO GO with Rx Smart Gear EVO Silicone traction bands. Traction bands provide added grip, comfort and style to your EVO Speed Rope.

Sale price$10.00

Handle Style: Evo Original G1/G2/FRE
Band Color: BLACK

Each set includes enough bands to replace 1 pair of handles (EVO - 12 bands, EVO GO - 8 bands). The following colors are available:


Or choose a pre-made pack (currently only available for EVO not EVO GO):
-assorted: pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (2 of each color)
-red, white, blue (4 of each color)
-red, yellow, green (4 of each color)

*Due to differences in devices used for viewing photos, colors of this product may vary from photos viewed.

*EVO and EVO GO traction bands are not interchangeable between handles.