Rx CrossOver Double Under Tutorial- Digital

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Rx CrossOver Double Under Tutorial. This is a downloadable video and PDF document.
Are you looking for a way to spice up your training, challenge your mind and your body?! Master the Crossover and you will achieve all this and more! Crossovers are a fun, flashy jump rope skill that will not only make you look like a jump rope pro but will also ramp up your coordination, agility and overall athleticism. 
The Rx CrossOver Double Under Tutorial will fast track your learning curve with important details such as the best ropes to use, how to size, ideal form and technique for clean crossovers whether in single or double unders. We offer a methodical learning experience, giving you the tools and knowledge to break down and master this fun skill. This course will take you through the 3 most common mistakes people make while learning Crossovers. It will introduce you to valuable drills and progressions to hone your skills and put them to the test with super fun crossover challenges. 
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*This is a virtual video download and does not include a jump rope.